Raymond Loewy for Le Creuset!

Thanks to Michael DiTullo for mentioning this on Twitter, but I had no idea Raymond Loewy designed cast iron cookware for Le Creuset! I discover something new everyday! http://www.lecreuset.com/content_le-creuset-coquelle

It’s so friggin’ gorgeous! But then again, I love my housewares. :slight_smile:

What I find interesting is how people get completely nutty around their passions and throw reason out the window. This is not a criticism. I am certainly guilty of buying bike stuff that is not only “overpriced” but is also unneeded. I just find it an interesting aspect of the human psyche.

And in reality, thank goodness for that crazy behavior. It keeps us IDers employed.

Wow, iab… I didn’t notice the price until now! I didn’t say I could afford to spend that much money for cast iron cookware; even if designed by Loewy! :wink: Maybe someday, but not now.

But you are right. It does keep us employed; our expensive tastes. And we are all guilty of it. Though from my experience, when you do pay a bit more for something “heirloom” like their cookware, it is meant to last a long time. So if I have to save up for something like this, it is worth it; as it won’t end up in some landfill sometime soon.

It’s such a desirable brand in that category, my wife keeps her two on the cooktop almost all the time - just so she can see them as she walks by. Funny how my kids have nearly ruined the term ‘Dutch oven’ though (I prefer to call them le Creuset braizing pots)! :slight_smile:

Ha. Interesting. I also do the same with some well-made “heirloom” objects I’ve accumulated over time, that I want to “show off” to guests. But that is what happens when something is so well designed and aesthetically beautiful, you want to display it whenever you can!

On a side note, I have a friend who does that also with his cast iron kitchen items and lays them out on his stove or granite countertop. BUT when it comes to cheap plastic appliances like toasters, blenders, etc (especially if mismatched), he hides them out of plain view (stored in his ample cupboards and cabinets). When I first learned of his quirk, it didn’t make sense, but now it does.