raw material concerns

hi i was wondering if anyone knew if when designing a product should the designer/engineer be concerned with the sizes of raw materials that whoever is machining it is using. For example does it cost more if i make a cube of 20mm ,if they are supplied with 10mm cubes and 30mm, than if i make a cube of 25mm. If anyone has any idea please let me know or if the question is a bit unclear, which i’m sure it is, please ask. thanks.

yes of course it does…does depend on the process and the part design though.

alot of material comes in standard sizes…if your slightly outside one size they will need to get the next size up to machine it back down…this will cost more. Its sometimes best to check what the standard sizes are for things and try and acomidate them for your design. If you can’t you might have to take a price increase.

usually the engineering takes care of it in coordination with suppliers and manufacturers. but it’s engineerong’s responsibility to make sure supplied standards are fit for manufacturing and design.

sometimes there’re no in house engineers so the designers have to ask the suppliers and manufacturers themselves.

thanks for the advice, much appreciated. i’ve been looking for ages for somewhere that might show the standard sizes of materials because we haven’t decided on a manufacturer yet. i’m without an engineer as well which is a bit of a disadvantage. does anyone know where i can find out that kind of info? it’s aluminium parts we’re looking to machine.

you need an engineer because there’re different grades and types of aluminum/AL-alloys. maybe the supplier has those services but usually they’re not tailored to your needs.