Rattan or Wire???

HI… I am designing a line of chairs. I have been making samples with Rattan…I was trying to do something different with Rattan…These chairs would retail for about $200-250.

I guess this is hard without seeing the chair…but…I am just trying to understand in general… what would people buy more…

Rattan or Wire Chairs?

No question for me; it’s hard to beat “natural materials” in my book.

It would have to be stainless wire I would think. Pretty tough to protect all those interlaced surfaces after weaving. And I would expect the weight to be creeping up if it were wire.

Retail for $250? A patio or lawn item?

Or, do you mean a wire chair?

Eames DKR wire Bikini Chairs

by wire chair i do mean something like the stainless Eames DKR or the Bertoia’s chair

they could be used for either indoor or outdoor.
i would say the rattan is more outdoor though

either one would retail for $200-250

so what i an understanding from your post is that you prefer a rattan modern chair over a eames type chair?

if so would you pay $200 for Rattan?
would you pay $200 for Wire.

I look at DWR and see a rattan chair for $3,554.00.
i dont understand that…