Rates vs Projects

I just got an offer to work with a well known design team as a short-term freelance for very interesting projects. By the way, the rate is very low compare to the similar position /responsibility and client scale from other oppotunities that I also got.

So, I’m not sure that actually they (this team) want me to work with them just becasue they want someone in low rate. Or this is a normal trade-off for working with well-known people on interesting projects?

I am also wondering if I went to other medium level design companies that offer me much higher rate? Becauce sometimes higher rate means they appreciate my works, and my ability :confused: .

what do you think?

You have to look at what you’ll get from it. I’ve taken a lower rate for an opportunity to work for a place on projects I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to get on my own. I saw that there were things I could learn (as opposed to paying for a class, etc), and the benefit of being able to get certain things on the resume/ gained experience, etc.
Also, if you’ll be working with them for a longer term (a couple of months as opposed to a 2 week crunch), then you may take a lower fee than if it were someone that just needed a couple of days worth of work.
Basically, just look at the other benefits of your choices besides money to see if it’s worth it to you in the long run.

In general, the more interesting the work, the less it pays. Not that they aren’t out there, it is just very rare to find a good design office that pays well. Any industry.

The simple fact is - the “cooler”, “more popular”, “fun”, etc the place is - the more GOOD resumes they get everyday, thus the less they have to pay, and the more hours you have to work.

You will get different answers on the “value” of the experience. You have to decide what work/design/working means to you at this point in your life/career.

Good Luck.

skinny, adamk !
Thanks so much for your advices.
Actually I didn’t care about rate that much, I just worried about the reason that they want me, just becasue I am cheap, or I am good enough :cry:

By the way, I decided to work with them already. And it’s very great. :smiley: