Rates for storyboarding?

I’ve been approached to create storyboards and I made a big mistake for quoting them(embarrassingly low) before I find out how much it should go for.

I am currently doing the draft for them first. So I will keep to my word for this one on the fee. However, what or how should I charge for the next stage(changes) and final illustrations?

Another question made this even more complicated, which is, they didn’t give me a script. I am crafting a few versions for them. So this has turned from just a technical job to something that involves IP. This is the first time I am doing this so I didn’t understand the value of my work until a peer knocked on my head.

Thanks first! Feel free to PM me if you want to talk in private.

I do storyboarding stuff all of the time, and I charge the same rate as for ID. As you mentioned, you’re always bringing IP to the project. It’s never as easy as “draw this up” - you always wind up going back to the client and saying “you know I think it would communicate better if you approached it like this____________”.

Don’t drop your rate - the storyboarding stuff can be as important to the product development process as ID work.


the problem is, I quoted some ridiculously low rate(lower than when I was an intern!!!) I was definitely out of my mind when I said that.

How can I raise it back to the “normal” rate for the next stage of work, if there is a next stage? Should I keep to the same hourly rate and quote them more hours, or try to explain to them about the going rate and see if they want it?

Good business sense is to protect your margin… no matter the business. Honesty might be the best approach in this situation. You’ll go through the same spot anytime you raise your rates, this is just a bit more because of the mistake. They should understand, but be careful with your words.

costed work breakdown structure.

When they balk at the price you then have tangible individual work effort costs to negotiate: eliminate or defer to “phase 2”.

I emailed them about it and it seems that they are ok, but we will see how it goes.