Rates for 3D Cad modeler

What would be fair hourly rate for 3D modeler(freelancer) ?

depends on alot of things. my rates vary depending on the complexity of the work. CAD is mostly straightforward work. i’ve seen prices from $15/hr to $120/hr.

As a freelancer you only get paid when you get gigs and no benefits so I would go no less than $75 per hour - $150 per hour depending on experience.

My experience in 3D modeling is over a year (not including school) and do excellent job…(using Alias or Rhino, not Solidwork)

Location?: LA area, California
Product?: Mobile phones.

How does $100/hour sound?

How about $35/hr?


i pay you twelfty zloty and 1 gourd

Take out 40% to give to the govt. $4000-$6000 for CAD and computers, and then take out insurance. Suddenly $50 per hr is not that great

it is if your in India. or China. warez CAD and socialized systems. and low cost of living. remember that thread in Software & Technology. high quality models for under $100. those aren’t “CAD” models. but i’ve worked with Indian firms that are amazing. lots of places use them more and more (although prices may be rising).

If you do 3D modeling you might want to see this. (image links dead but site still there)