rate your school

i thourght it culd help people if we all rate the schools we go to

I’d rate your school’s English and Grammer class to be SHIT.

fuck you! i was tired!

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and my school is better than all others!!! parsons all the way baby!!!

and pratt sucks

i dont think so!! RISD is the king the education is far beyond parsons (and i think your the one that likes it in the ass).

but you are right about pratt


great program! our class was really talented…but ken can blow me!


I don’t understand how an open-ended request to rate one’s school, without any given parameters, can be helpful at all. If you’re looking for information about different schools and programs, you can check out the following posts:

Why did you choose your school?
Industrial Design Schools: Opinions and Questions
If I Knew Then What I know (Advice for Students)

i gess we should rate out schools on:

level of teaching:
qwality of workshops
work produced
job opatunities after graduation

hows thats for a start

But what will that really yield? If you’re asking people who have attended (or are attending) just one school, how can they really gauge the level of teaching, for example? They have no other relevant experience to use as a point of comparison. It seems as though you’re really just inquiring about people’s satisfaction levels, and you’ll probably get fairly random, subjective answers from a random sampling of students and alumni. What is the point of this exercise?

I love rocky analogies… feeling strong now!!!

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School is what you make of it.

Strongly agree with above.
Even in Cooper Union, Yale, Columbia U or anyother famouse schools, there are students who are slackers and failing their classes. ~I have seen failed students from those schools and they were just who they were. (all the negative comments are usually from those groups)
It doesn’t matter what kind of campus, computers and industrial tools that the school has. It is all up to individuals, but if there are high #s of grads find jobs and become successful, the school gets the credit somehow.

I like my school (it doesn’t mean I love the campus, Chairman or even all those students-I like the school because I expected to study what I wanted and the school offered it), but if I went to Art Center, RISD or Cranbrook, my feeling would be same.
Studying hard, not wasting your tuition $$ & Time will all show up at the end. The school is just a school. Teachers are just teachers. And you are who you are.

Is it just me or are most of the people on this board a bunch of complete idiots??? Now i see why so many complain about jobs, due to their serious lack of intelligence.

Sounds like it’s just you who are an idiot…
Negative minded individual, please be nice…

just go to the first page of this thread. Thats what i was commenting on. Im actually very positive. Just seems like there are a lot of useless posts in general

just go to the first page of this thread. Thats what i was commenting on. Im actually very positive. Just seems like there are a lot of useless posts in general