Rate your internship/design job

Hey Guys,

I’m new to the forum and wanted to start a new discussion about something I heard recently from one of my friends.

He lives with an architect who knows of a website where fellow architects discuss (much like the board index on here) architecture companies, internships they have undertaken etc. Assuming most of them are no longer taking part in the internships and jobs anymore, the architects discuss the good and bad points of the jobs and essentially let other architects (or architect students for that matter) know what to expect from the internship or job experience.

Do you guys think this would be a good idea for ID companies/internships? Is it dangerous potentially discussing flaws in the way a company runs an internship or how your job went? I believe it could be, but if posts written in the correct manner (constructively criticising or simply bulleting good and bad points) it could help people to find a job that would match them perfectly and the company to find someone that would fulfill their needs too?!

If it’s available to everyone then surely a company could mask themselves as an innocent ‘worker’ and post only positive comments to draw people in? But then wouldn’t that be counter productive if a potential employee doesn’t get what they are expecting once they sign up to work?!


While it would probably make for entertaining reading, I am not sure how useful this would prove to be in the end.
I see a great risk for half-truths and gossip, basically turning these boards into Yelp.

It is not so much that I think companies would flod the boards with positive reviews. God knows, the way the market is, there is no shortage of designers and students looking for work.

I have both positive and maybe less positive things to say about people I have worked for and the places I have been. However, I’d be very cautious to share theses experiences on a public forum.
It is impossible to verify if “bad experiences” are only hinged on maybe one person in the company who might no even be working there any more or if the intern/designer who is bad mouthing an employer might have an agenda of their own.

So, no. I don’t think it would be constructive and most likely rather harmful to discuss specific employers and workplaces on a public forum like this one. Especially considering that so much is based on personal relationships.

Airing dirty laundry in public is generally frowned upon.

Generator is an awesome place to work! :smiley:

Check out Glassdoor.com… it has anonymous ratings on companies, including many of the big ID firms. Air your dirty laundry there if you feel you need to

As a graduating senior. Glassdoor.com has been great in benchmarking starting salaries.


We here on the Core boards generally encourage users to be as open and transparent about their identity as they are willing to. Of course, trashing your current/past employer while being open about who you are is generally a very bad idea that WILL come back to haunt you.

Think of it this way, if you’re willing to tell everyone you know how bad your old boss was, what will you say about me if I hire you?

Overall, all places have their pros and cons. As groups of humans we are never perfect. Airing gossip probably won’t help much on that journey. Most places try to be the best they can. Often it is less a question of good and bad, and more a question of the right fit for you.

Occasionally there are actually bad places to work. For that I think I think Glass Door is a great resource.

Yeah totally. It’s not my intention of starting this kind of resource I just found it interesting that it existed for architects. I also recently read in an English newspaper how a guy posted an article to newspapers slagging off Goldman Sachs after working there for 15-20 years. I couldn’t understand how he possibly would’ve then moved on to another company in a similar role?! I personally would never criticise a company online as like NURB says it “WILL come back to haunt you”, just wanted to see what people thought on the matter.

In fact I believe the jobs/internships i’ve taken be it good or bad, have helped me in my quest to become a better designer and I think you’ve gotta take the rough with the smooth to help you realise the difference between the two in the first place.