Rashid, Don Lehman, and Rashid presenting at Design Addict

The Tecnológico de Monterrey is emerging as a leading design education institution in Mexico. The school is coordinating a design conference, called Design Addict, from October 13-15, in conjunction with Hewlett Packard, Glocal Design magazine, and Masisa. Speakers at the 3-day event include Karim Rashid, our own Michael DiTullo of frog, Don Lehman of HLB, Alberto Villarreal, Antonio Aguilar of Electrolux, and Matali Crasset. Most of the speakers will also be giving intensive 3-hour workshops as well. If you are looking to vacation in Mexico during October, register for the conference… I’m no accountant, but it might be a tax write-off…

October 13-15 2011
ITESM - SLP, Mexico

A little recap of the event:


Nice article. The event looked awesome.

Definitely agree with you…
“The academic design environment is a bit of a paradox. It needs to be removed enough from industry that students feel safe to learn and explore. Yet it must be tethered to reality to enable students to transition into the professional world, where their apprenticeship and growth under seasoned, talented professionals will occur.”

Nicely put. It is a hard balance to achieve in design curriculum.