Rapid Prototyping in London


Does anyone know of anywhere in London to get Rapid Prototyping done for cheap! (Student!!!).

I’ve used the RCA (Rapid Form) and the guys there are awesome and ridiculously helpful, but they have a minimum charge which I can only afford to pay for so long before I have to result to beans on toast.

Any ideas? Any advice would be appreciated.


did you try london met uni?

Some places will do some work for free if you say you will show there work at a big exhibition…like new designers. I got a model for free from 3D systems many moons ago.

I used to pay 3€ in Antwerp, but the model I’m working on now would be too fragile to transport. How should I approach LMU?

Any advice on what paint to use afterwards by the way?

give them a call or email say hi…help to attach the STL file.

for finishing you normally allply a filler primer then get rubbing for quite awhile as SLS’s are quite tough…since there Nylon…then apply some nice paint. Or you can actualy die an SL …if you like the rough textured finish look.

Thanks for your advice, I think I’ll go for a glossy metal look… :slight_smile: