Rapid prototyping in Chicago

Hi Core77 community, I need your help!

I’m currently in Chicago until next Monday (27th Feb) and I’m trying to find rapid prototyping facilities to print a smallish (90wx90dx30h mm) model.

If anyone knows either a bureau in the city that I could send it to and pick it up from, or knows someone with RP facilities (SLS, FDM, SLA, Objet, etc) who might be willing to make it then please get in touch.
The reason I need it on such short notice is that the model I brought with me to show during meetings next week got smashed to pieces on the flight on the way over!



I know Wielgus could do the job for you:


They are not cheap, but can usually run Objet prints overnight as soon as they get the files.

Thanks for the heads up on them, I’ll send over a quote request.
I’ve had a reply from a Chicago based company who say they can do it in time, but so far no quote from them in terms of cost. Fingers crossed it’s within my budget!

I was quoted £90 in the UK for this job, around $140. So if anyone would like to know more about the job itself and see whether it would suit them to do it then again, please get in touch.


P.S. If this kind of post contravenes forum rules obviously I totally understand if you remove it.

Clint at ACME in Elgin is my go-to. 847-841-7400
He’s got an Objet and is fast, but probably not the cheapest.
Tell em Andy sent you :wink:

Hatcher is also an option and they are in the city. 773-252-2171

Second for Hatcher

Very fast, very easy to work with.

Thanks for all those suggestions - each of the companies was recommended by several different people so they must be doing good work. In the end I actually approached the guys from the Hackspace Pumphouse1 who have been really helpful.

Thanks Core77 community!

I highly recommend Hatcher - great to work with.

Neomek is a great source for 3D printing as well as fully finished prototypes. The company also provides 3D scanning, product development, and low-volume manufacturing services.