Rant and Rave time: Which boss have you got?

Unless you’re lucky and YOU ARE the boss, then congrats, you’ve made it.

For the rest of us who are still stuck in Junior/Mid-Level or Slightly Senior, which of these have you encountered and what would you like to do them secretly:

  • The LAZY (they have an “over it” attitude, they’ve been in the business for too long, bored and unfulfilled, hence you get to do all the work and they get paid more)

  • The NERVE ( they make you so tense because they’re very nervous and might have OCD, God forbid you don’t use a coaster on his Techne office table, you know the one designed by Jorge Pensi)

  • The MOUTH (too many ideas which then goes to stories that starts with “back in my day”…)

  • The PERFECTIONIST (overly critical and pain in the ass who has you on a short leash)

  • The GENIOUS BILLINGUAL, who can’t really speak good English (it gets frustrating when you don’t quite understand what they meant and you ended up doing something completely wrong)

  • The PHILOSOPHER (could be the one who talks too much, but this time they suck you into the hollistic part of design and makes your eyes roll)

  • The MAD GENIOUS (the one who keeps changing his mind after you’re done making the model/proto type and the presentation was yesterday and realized you haven’t slept yet)

  • The DEVO/DIVA (the one that says "no, no, no, it’s been done and it’s been better, do it again please)

  • The SCREAMER (you call this a chair!! I can’t even wipe my ass with that!)

If I missed a few, please feel free to mention more…

Well mine’s not on here, but see the “Help! I hate my boss!” posting.

Ha ha… Last boss I had was The Mouth!

I think mine was a combination of both the philosopher, the mouth and the devo.
Why don’t we just call that one, the freak!

This is quite bizzare, this morning I would have said my boss would come under the IGNORANT C*NT category (I know it doesnt exist on the list but i would have imposed it upon it!!!) but i went in to clear my desk after resigning in the most dramatic way possible to find a little note saying…

…STU could you come to my office please?

Anyway it turns out that the reason my boss forced himself in to the IGNORANT C*NT category was that he really should have been in the JEALOUS WITHOUT A CLUE category! From what he said, he has no idea how to monitor my work because he doesnt really understand what i do??? Eh, the guy hired me for christ sake!!!

Got my job back anyway…

…just typing my official letter of resignation now!

I think my boss falls under BACKSTABBER. He doesn’t want me to succeed and holds out on a lot of things I need to learn, because he fears I might take over his job. I sometimes have to take the intiative to increase my training and that makes him even more uncomfortable.



before this type of boss arrived, i reported directly to the company manager, which was fine, good working relationship. i had quite a bit of knowledge of the industry with strong skills in i.d. as well as engineering and languages. i was something of a strong personality around the design office, too strong for the new boss to handle. my confidence, knowledge and good relationship with the company manager was too ‘good’ for her and she has steadily undermined my confidence and presence there, poisoning the company manager against me, though no real fault of my own other than a little tardiness in time keeping (still getting the job done well and on time, it is after all a salary job).

this new manager has badly fuc#@d up with some of the companies best clients though poor communication and presentation skills. the manager is furious with her. she loses control easily, becomes very irrational and emotional and takes it out on the design staff. enough said, time to work on my portfolio and get another job…

Not on your list…directly at least…

Need I say more than my boss is “Marketing”?

I find it horrible that all my previous bosses are mentioned on here… my most recent one is the INSECURE BACKSTABBER. I often feel like he’s undermining all of my efforts because he really thinks I’m after his job.

It’s depressing that there’s no more of that “MENTORSHIP” quality in our field (I don’t know if that’s true outside non-creative fields).

But I think we’re in danger of being oppressed and suppressed instead of being devloped into better and well functioning designers.

Now it’s almost like stomping the competition for that salary forget about designing.

at least theres only one kind of employee…

Wannabe design loser, underpaid (haha!) schmo either procrastinating or not having any important work to be assaigned to and being on core boards at work.

One of my ex.bosses had the nerve to tell us that we we being late on the job bacause there was too much “hehe haha”.
This wouldn’t be surprising was it not because we were waiting for 3d data from the engineering dept., and it was 11pm, so we were deep into the unpaid twilight zone.
Agreed on the back-stabbers.

Ha ha!

I like my boss sometimes but he’s completely mad, I guess he falls under the Devo, Screamer and Billingual category. He’s fresh of the boat from Italy, he gives us written instructions rather than verbal because either his accent gets in the way and can’t really explain properly or he just starts speaking in Italian. Communication is an issue.

He thought it was weird that we ate lunch at our desk and only took an hour. So he made us eat our lunch outside and said not to come back in two hours. Then we thought it was weird, it’s unheard of to have 2 hour lunches in the US. So he treated us to lunch one time to show us how to “properly” ejoy your meal, he’s no joke, he went all out right down to the espresso and smoking right after the meal. No wonder it’s two hours for lunch!

All hail the Mad-Italian Boss!

What about THE DUMB boss?
My ex-boss (now my actual client) it´s so dumb that she can´t send me an email attached, she don´t know basic info stuffs…For who is owner of her own company…it´s a shame…she don´t know how to use Outlook Express (I guess even a child knows…)
Any similar stories?

Man, that sounds like my boss, a compete dumb-ass. He is completely lost when it comes to forwarding e-mails or attaching files. It is so frustrating. He can bearly open his own e-mail. It is kind-of funny, any time he has any kind of a computer problem that is loosely virus related, he buys a new computer. Last year he went through three laptops.

I will never forget when I showed him the shortcut for copy (ctrl-c) and paste(ctrl-p). He thought that I was the smartest person he had ever met. The sad thing is that I need to show him those shortcuts at least once a week, because he can never remember them.

It is really sad that the owner and principal of a design firm knows nothing of technology. He runs his business like a sandwich shop. He should stand out in the street with a billboard that says “I have a great connection with Chinese manufacturing and tooling, isn’t that neat?” Now take a number and someone will be right with you.

I have the absentee control freak. More interested in bizarre hobbies they work on in their office than giving direction they are unwilling to delegate.


My former boss falls under the category of the TRUE ASSHOLE.

He liked to believe that he didn’t micromanage, and really relied on his employees to be self sufficient. But really what happened is that he would give a task, and with no instruction, expect you to do it EXACTLY how he wants it done. Then, when you inevitably didn’t, would scream (and I do mean scream) and curse at you for not doing it right. My favorite threats of his were to threaten to staple my dick to the ceiling (there were illustrative hand motions to go with this one) and threatening to wring my dick (sensing a pattern here?).

All of that combined with 50-70 hour work weeks and a general attutude that I didn’t work hard enough, despite the fact that I was the only engineer/designer/technical person handling 15 current projects nation wide and over $7 million of technical business.


I already had been teaching the shortcut ctrl c and paste for her also, and like your boss, she can´t remember…
She asked me to record all the files of some designs I have been doing for her since September/2004…So she said to record all them in a “diskett” (look, it´s like 100MB of files!!!) and I told her I would burn a cd, she told me to not spend money buying a cd because the “diskett” was cheaper…and then I explain to her again I won´t do that because it won´t fit 100MB inside that…and she still don´t understand…

Technically I have one boss. But there are four people telling us what to do all because one wants to feel more powerful than the other. It becomes like one big ego sport.

I’m sick of it and purely worn out. I agree, what happened to the mentorship?

I have nothing to say about my last boss…but what about the co-workers?! Am I the only one who’s tired of the corporate ego trips?