Ranking of schools.

Been searching for a while now. Anyone know any rankings of the best art schools in the world. I’d be interested in postgraduate and fine art, painting rankings. And industrial design school rankings. And on the whole globe not only the US. Thanks

In my view, ranking lists are relative and highly biased. Not much value. What has value is where will be a good fit for you to learn… and only you can answer that. You might get some better advice if you explain what you are looking for and describe more about yourself.

thanks for the reply. Merry christams btw.:smiley:.

Thinking o switch from product to painting on my master course. And I was curious what are the best fine art Universities in the world. Don’t know much about them. Looking for a place where I can work with great teahers and student who are talented so I can learn as much as possible. But not the kind of school where the teachers are always demanding. I hate to be bossed around-
Havent made up my mind if I want to get my MA in industrial design or just get a BA and do fine arts.
Thats why I was interested.

Well when you find a university ranking list where “teacher bossiness” is a category, let us know.

haha, good point. Problem is I cant find any list:D. Nice avy.

The first thing you need to do is decide if you want to do ID or Fine Arts. Also demanding things like no bossy profs is absurd. When you go for a job are you going to base your decision on no demanding bosses?

man, if “teacher bossiness” were a category, I’m sure I would have been at the top of it when I was teaching. No favorites, clear and ever escalating expectations. No accepting anything less than more than your previous best. That is how it is supposed to be done.