random practice sketches:

Some sketches from a few online sketch competitons:

The two Ferrari sketches are for http://speedanddesign.net

And the two air cars are for http://forums.cardesignnews.com

Would anyone be interested in having similar sketcch groups in here aroung products? We could start one around a consumer electronics category, or furniture, toys…

I would be interested. Its time I step my sketch game up. It would be nice to see other people’s work and get criticism and advice while working on the same subject matter.

Very interested. The conceptart.org forum has a great community to model after.

I’m in. Seems like the perfect use of this sketching forum. I know it would focus my sketching (which needs serious help).

As for Yo’s sketches, I really like the red Ferrari sketch. Nice economy of line and photoshop use. A real loose sketch that has total command and clarity.

My stuff always falls into the overworked trap. I need to see more stuff like the above.

slanted: I like the Henry chair on your site. Thanks for the props on the Ferrari, it was done in Alias Sketch very quickly, but it toook a ton of bad underlays to get it there.

So how do you think we should do this?

I could set up a thread that has a design directive, or mini brief as the first post, and then we could all post sketches around that idea within a given time frame. I can then set up a poll to see how it all shakes out.

Any thoughts?

The daily sketch groups on conceptart.org are pretty cool, thanks for the suggestion.

Yo, sent you a PM about these images.

nice idea i am in…
but guys i am new to this forum. how do you post your sketches on this forum ? i mean not as a link but yo how did you put these car sketches up cud you tell me the procedure so that i cud participate with mine aswell.

I’m in.

I think that we should just do as Yo said and start a thread with a design direction. It would be fun to do some things outside of the office…

One suggestion- maybe make the direction more “loose” and creative than one you would recieve from corporate America…

i agree, conceptart’s format would be a perfect example to model after…i have been checking that place out since i found out about in the fall inspiring stuff there… maybe here it would have be monthly or weekly

nice sketches man-

the two Ferrari sketches are more successful than the air cars. mainly because the Ferrari sketches are more thought out and more clear to follow. the third sketch is interesting would like to see more angles on it an maybe a perception of scale, if possible, I think because we cant see a cockpit. If we could see if its a one seater 4 or a ship that seats 20 + people, this lil detail would help.

I like the line work and flow an movement tht the sketches have.

the type on the bottom sketch one thing that distracts from the sketch is the “dino” in upper left hand. It doesnt seem to go with the sketch. i would take away or make more legible? because where you place it it should be more “ummf” power…its the title an looks a lil weak against your sketch. ( graphic design classes got me lookking at type alot)

sketch catigories would be a nice addition to the forum. I believe a forum called pdforums already has a simular thing. would like to participate…gotta put that wacom board to use.


How about something around the X-Box, I believe it was suggested in the x-bow forum to base a thread on what the 360 should have looked like, that could be cool, or a project around the next x-box, or a game consol in general.

Sounds like a good idea. Any possibilities of self imposed time limits for “sketches” so it doesn’t turn into an illustration showcase? Maybe another section for more refined photoshop stuff, etc? I could stand to shake a little rust off the sketch hand.

i’m in too.

a perfect use of a design forum. much more productive than “rashid sucks”. haha. although i might agree… not sure.

it would be great to get feedback, so long as its CONSTRUCTIVE.