Raising awareness of our trade within business

During my time at LEGO, GM and Black & Decker I witnessed cycles of friction toward our ID process followed by seemingly random openings in the floodgates of creativity. Tracing it to its source showed me that even the slightest changes in key-stakeholder & executive positions led to snowballing effects downstream.
When a new person stepped into the roles that affected our jobs, we were prepared to either weather the storm or jump into the raging river while it lasted. Each time, we hoped for a cooperative person who might be appreciative of the creativity we offered and the innovation that could follow, but sometimes the person who’d taken the reigns was the opposite. That made life hard.
If your creativity and your quest to introduce innovative products seems stifled at times, recommend this online course to any of those stakeholders who might be standing in the way while not appreciating your vision! Last semester’s students included R&D Directors, a venture capitalist, inventors, a real estate agent, lab engineers and a plant manager among others. The course was highly reviewed because it gave them insight into the value of relying on their creative experts (that’s you).
When you hear, “creativity is wasteful since it doesn’t give me revenue” and “innovation takes how long? - that’s too much, let’s copy the competitor but change the colors”, nudge those folks to give this a try - you’ll thank me later!

UC Irvine, Continuing Education MGMT X484.1 (2.50 credits) Introduction to Creativity and Innovation

Have you read, “Creative Change” by Jennifer Mueller?

She’s been a leading figure in why people resist creativity, while asking for it at the same time. She has some tips to getting things adopted, although I feel that until business leaders accept their blind spot to creativity, it’s probably going to remain an uphill battle to get creative ideas adopted.

I did read most of that, thanks for reminding me of it. My approach is more of “the turtle wins the race”, I guess. From what I’ve witnessed it all comes down to $$$ - until a company personally benefits from the results of a creative mindset its an uphill battle but if a company hits the breakthrough moment and realizes the value it can become a great place to affect change (B&D was like that for about a decade) - but turnover at key positions can make you or break you at will! :slight_smile: