radius gauge supplier?

Anyone have a good place to buy radius gauges and/or other tools online (ie. durometer guages, calipers, etc)? Nothing too fancy/specific.


I would check out McMaster Carr, they have everything! I used them all the time when I worked as a welder, the prices are sometimes a little higher but they have great service and ship fast. As a bonus their catalogs can work as a high chair in a pinch :slight_smile:

With someone else’s money, I go to Acklands-Grainger or Cole-Parmer. With my own money, it’s KBC Tools, Princess Auto or even Lee Valley.


Brown & Sharpe




All of these are good tools… I prefer Mitutoyo on feel, but have used B&S and Starrett.

ETA: I know you asked where you go go get these tools, but maybe you could know/discover the good tools and go from there?

R, Early on in my “design career” I was a mold/pattern maker, and have used Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Co. for most of my “machinist” needs since 1978.

Soup to nuts, they’ve got it all. Go to > Hardware & Equipment > Measurement and Layout Supplies

Right NOW (Sunday morning, 01.24.10) there are 228 “radius gauge” sets, of various types, on eBay.
I’ve sound eBay to be a surprisingly good source for “precision” tools; just not consistent for availablity (when you need it, you need it.)

From Grizzly, these don’t look too bad, especially for $13.

Additionally, General Tool used to make a pretty good set … for quite a bit less than Starrett, but I can’t find them on their website now.

It should be noted that as accurate as the big brands can be, it is often much cheaper to get a good generic measuring instrument and have it calibrated and certified. For example, with a caliper, out of the box, there can easily be a 0.02mm difference between the reading and OD, ID and depth measurements.


Another source for machine tools is ENCO: They have several size and price ranges


wow, thanks for all the good replies. I’ve already checked some out and will be sure to check out the rest, in addition to ebay aas a source. never thought of them.

might even check a local hardware store. i don’t need anything too accurate (typ. measuring increments 0.02-0.05mm or more, so sure I can find something cheap).


Atlas Machine on Queen, next to the surplus store gorilla, has a fair selection of all you ask about and at fair to slightly higher than fair prices.

All you McmasterCarr junkies: in their infinite wisdom they no longer accept new accounts outside continental US, something about border difficulties. Existing accounts they continue to serve.

ooh, good one. i’m just down queen and around there all the time. will have to check it out.


…McMaster-Carr … in their infinite wisdom …

The same company, who for years, would not send a copy of their catalog to anyone who asked for one … you had to already have one assigned to the company you worked for (as in, one-each) … . .

I never could fathom that line of thought; our products are a secret, and we don’t just tell anyone what we sell… . wacky.