Hello Readers,

I’ve been heavily interested in leaving consumer goods design and pursuing a footwear-specific portfolio and was wondering if there were any experienced footwear designers that could suggest effective portfolio material in exchange for a virtual handshake and thank you?

Basically I don’t want the typical final render> process for each shoe. Are there layouts that work specifically for what a company would want that follows their process?

Thanks !

Simon AKA Lanterna

the most important thing in a portfolio is the process and the ideation. people what to see what your research was and the ideas that got you to your final product. When i say ideas i mean all of the ideas, good and bad. its important to see the decisions that you made along the way, which concepts you decided to develop further and which you decided to let fall by the way side. By showing your process you are telling the potential employer that you are capeable of replicating previous successes. A potential employer is interested in the way you think and what you will be able to do for them.

As far as presentation i would just play around with it try a few different lay outs and show it to someone totally unfamiliar to your project. Do they get what you re trying to say,with out you talking or extensive writing?

Good luck

Why wouldn’t you want to show the typical process that is so important? Instead of trying to make some “radical” portfolio, why not focus on making a good portfolio. Lots of sketches lots of ideas, lots of all steps in the process. Search the coroflot portfolios and the sketch-Fu thread.


Yes, I agree with both answers, thanks for your reply.

I understand the story element, and have full intentions of showing the entire process and the ins and outs of what worked and
didn’t work in the process and ending.

I was curious rather about additional elements such as patterns, linework, and overall technical 2D linework/color swatches.


Anything else that solidifies the concept as more developed than a typical process to a final rendering image with callouts, surface reflection, etc.

As far as layouts, I was wondering how the bulk of this is grouped, not title block layouts.

Thanks again for your time,


It doesn’t need to be ‘radical’ - because design managers will see right through any smoke, lights and mirrors you set up for them. It needs to be thorough.

Perhaps you should put a presentation together showing one of your projects. then we might be able to offer advice about what you might need more or less of. You will also then get advice on content strengths and weaknesses. good luck