Hey All,

Just spent some time update the old corefolio. New sections include -

Process and Sketches
Graphics and Marketing
Branding and Identity
Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Plus gave a healthy edit to the profile, though it still reads very long I think.

Thought/comments on the work, organization, anything greatly appreciated.



Just finished updating the websites as well.

Have a look at -


The sites are highly modified blogger platform blog, and I’m no UX designer, so pretty limited in layout, but have tried to get something that works and looks OK. Once concern I have is that if there are enough images and if the “Read More” links are obvious enough?

Comments welcome!


First cannot get into your website from China directly, is blocked apparently. Either you selected the feature, or it is on a host that is blocked by the Great Firewall. Have logged in on a VPN through Hong Kong and loads fine.

Coroflot: The 700 pixel wide images are so small, reproductions of larger pages, and a lot of text, that I am put off reading immediately. The first few clicks are key, and the second click in [ The Directive Collective | 2 of 23 ] is an index page from a document, which I cannot even read because the text is too small. I switch to the portfolio section, again, small thumbnails that lead to medium size images with no chance to enlarge, I want to know where I can go to see more detail.

Browsing through the rest of the Coroflot, nice work, but feels limited by the small image size offered.

Onto your website Directive Collective, I read before your Entrepreneur Concept FAQ due to posting in this forum, really liked it, appreciated your approach. Made your company seem knowledgeable and professional.

I scroll down your page, 600 pixel width is quite limiting for images, it feels tiny. People apparently do not like to scroll websites much, and the page is a long scroll. The first two times scrolling through I am not that impressed, it feels dry, the spreadsheet shot makes it seem dryer. Informative, but perhaps later when I am looking in depth and not the surface impression.

The third time through however, when I click on the enlarge button for The Directive Collective Studio Services and Portfolio PDF enlarge button, everything changes. I am super impressed. This is what I came for, this is large and clear and great impressive work.

Perhaps you are aiming at an in depth viewer that will take the time to explore and click through the links to get to your wealth of information. If you are trying to grab the attention more quickly of less informed viewers, I think you have a wealth of visuals that would do this that are initially underutilized.

Excellent critique, Nxakt. I really appreciate it.

This is very helpful.

Yes the slides under The Directive Collective on the coroflot are from a printed PDF. I never really thought that people would read it, rather just skim it and contact me for the PDF, but I do now realize that the first impression is bad with the tiny text and print optimized layout.

The other stuff there, you mentioned is small - that is limited by coroflot size, no?

The website, I’d agree looks very dry. I had tried to add some pics, but again, figured the PDF portfolio/services guide would be the first thing people would check out.

I’m now gonna rethink it all. Perhaps if I can replicate more the layout of the PDF in a website, would that work?

I do think the text and content is important. I certainly don’t want to just end up with a bunch of pretty pics/sketches in a gallery format, like so many designers. I think the strategy and process that the text describes is part of what makes me and The Directive Collective different.

I’ll need to find a better way to communicate that. Any ideas?

Any other comments from others? I really do appreciate feedback, and I don’t bite.


The Issuu portfolio is amazing, and I certainly agree that your content and strategy information makes you stand out in a sea of great designers. If you can combine the two in some way, you’ll have an amazing site.

Not that I don’t think you’re capable, but maybe you need to pay a professional web designer for a little consulting on how best to pull it all together. I’m sure you can do it, but it might save you time. (That’s certainly not meant as a criticism to your abilities.)

I’ve actually been considering hiring someone to do it. I know what I don’t know and that includes web. Bering looking at some of the regulars here in fact.

What I do like about theblog format is that it’s easy to update…


I agree with NURB. I have been a fan of your work for quite sometime because of the fact that you blend branding and strategy with product design. This is something that I feel is very important. The issue that I am having is when I look at you Coroflot and you Issuu portfolio (which I would agree is amazing) I get it. When I look at your website I get overwhelmed. I would ask can you show strategy in a more graphical way? We do quite a bit of “design thinking” type work at Mars, but we presenting in a very graphical way through maps and diagrams. I know you do this so how do you get your point across without so many words. I know you had mentioned you do not want it to be a gallery of pretty pics and sketches, but I think it can be a balance of that and what you are doing.

All in all great work and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

OK, made some website changes.

Made the middle column larger (800px), put more of the text “below the fold” for each post, combined a few so there is less text posts, made the titles links so you can get the more pics and text even if you miss the “read more” and added a coroflot badge that has more visuals as well as a linkedin icon.

I’m still looking at a complete redo, but this is a stopgap until I find the right talent to do it.

On the coroflot side, took out a few of the blank title page slides in the DC Brochure set and made it clear it’s just a preview of a PDF by mentioning they can go to the website to get the full PDF. I still think it’s worth keeping up, even though the text is unreadable as there are lots of views and shows an overview. The content (pics) is pretty much all covered in the other sets that is just pretty pics as per most portfolios.

Thoughts? Better? Anything else to suggest given the current framework?


Updated the website, feedback welcome.

I’m finding that for a subsection of people looking, portfolio is actually the last thing they are looking for as there’s always content on other social platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.).

I’ve been working on lead conversion via the website and better using it as a holder for supplementary content (articles, FAQs, guides, etc.) that doesn’t really have a home elsewhere.

I’d be curious to hear what other designers/consultants are doing with web and business development.

It’s a novel approach, @rkuchinsky . I’d imagine it’s pretty easy for prospective clients to get lost in a sea of portfolios and case studies if they’re trying to find a designer/studio based solely on their sites. In that sense, your site feels refreshingly efficient useful. Nice work.

All I might say as feedback is that given how much social content you’ve been putting out lately, I wonder if it could be featured even more prominently. They’re such nice, quick little snippets of expertise beyond imagery or text, and I’d imagine they have a lot of potential as tools to drive business.

Keep it up.

Thanks Jeff,

I’m always messing with it an appreciate the feedback. I never really know what I’m doing…

Interesting point about the social and content. I’m going to think about that.

I do like some of the social content for storytelling, but I’m forever critical of the quality (videos, audio, process).

I’m trying to get over that. Someone I spoke to recently convinced me “rough” is better than “polished” on social and the one-take video is the way to go… I spend far too long in retakes and edits especially given the lousy end quality.

I was trying to keep the portfolio more finished work and tighter process and “ever-green”. Even then I’m conflicted as I see websites of larger agencies and it no process, only beauty PR shots… I just can’t give up the sketches though as do feel it’s what people are looking for and something that I’m competent in.