quoting just ideas

someone wants me to quote coming up with 10 new ideas for education toys. not worked out designs or sketches, just ideas with descriptions , modes of use, basic parts. i was thinking of $2,500. since i am familiar with this and done research on this before so I am guessing it would take me about a week to come up with 10 good ideas. sound right?

I think you need to break it out, and also set expectations on how you are going to present the 10 concepts. (who determines if your 10 are good or not?)

I would break it out and present them with 15 - 20 rough ideas(show them a sample of a rough concept), which will then get picked over with 10 remaining that I would then refine further(show them a sample of a refined concept).

Factor in 2 - 3 meetings. You could still do all this for the $2500 I would think and you in the end have a more refined process… sometimes you need to tell the client what they need and how it should be done in order to achieve the best results.

Chevis W.