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“…I don’t believe you can ever design by committee. If you listen to too many points of view, you’ll end up with mediocrity”.
-Gary Mcgovern

Any thoughts on design concept direction in a company with many people with opinions?

From Wikipedia: Design by committee - Wikipedia

“The term is especially common in technical parlance, and it legitimizes the need and general acceptance of a unique systems architect.”

This couldn’t be more true. In my experience it has been difficult for project teams to accept the lead of said “unique systems architect”, that is unless they have some sort of authoritative title above everyone else on the team, which is kind of old school. Just because someone has a title and direct reports does not mean that have the vision and big picture design process thinking to maintain complex system projects.

I personally enjoy designing systems very much :slight_smile:

thanks for the link.

“One maxim is that a camel is a horse designed by committee.”
soo funny

I think its easy for a unique systems architect/manager to direct a program when presenting to a client because the client has the final say. Its difficult if you work as an inhouse designer where decisions are made from within; and where egos run amok!

It is all abut managing the process. As the designer, you can proactively manage the process instead of following it.

The most important meeting is the meeting before the meeting.

here is another one for you:

“Design is not an act of democracy” Hartmut Esslinger

So Hartmut Esslinger and Gary Mcgovern are on the same page!

you are saying two things though! Yes, the designer can proactively manage his work but at the same time design is not a democracy!

Not at all. By being proactive YOU influence the process vs the process influencing you.