Dear All,
It’s my first product design project.
a company asked me to design a package container for their products (coffee), they need something new and original, i have to deliver them a quotation first.
please anyone help me and tell me how to make a quotation?
how much should i earn? is there any sample quotations ? thanks all…

It depends on the scope of work and your experience level, among other things. Maybe if you post more details we will be able to help you better.

1 BIIILLLION DOLLARS! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actully the project is creating a packaging idea for nuts that reflects the corporate image.
the cliend want it to be a high end for certain clients.
the package will be full of 350g. of nuts.

Are we supposed to guess where you live? People in NYC will charge more than someone in Oklahoma City. What process will you employ in creating concepts? What milestone phases will you review with your client before finalizing the design? How much time do you estimate you will need to complete the project? Will you recieve any kind of royalty for every package sold or are you giving up rights to the design upon completion?