Quintessential School Project

When you think of the quintessential school project, what is it?

As in, what is the one project you think of that every Professor in University assigns?

egg drop… no doubt :sunglasses:

Egg drop definitely comes in fist followed by the popsicle stick bridge that has to hold bricks.

I never did either of those. At least not in university…

I think a power tool. I see those in every student portfolio.

Yeah power tool.

If you put it in your portfolio, its also makes you a power tool lol. jk.

A Chair is also pretty common.

I’d say some kinda of Exhibit type (maybe just perspective work) assignment.

We did none of the ones you guys mentioned, though as a more hands on school- there was TONS of furniture and Chairs abound. Shoot, even I had some hexagonal nesting tables… lol


OK, let me change tack a bit here.

Of all the projects you did in University, which one would you like to redo now? Whether its for fun, or to see how you’ve improved, your vision has changed, etc.

For me it would probably be a water faucet design. That or a 1-cup coffee maker I did.

I never did the power tool, but that one would be interesting to do now.

I almost shudder at the thought of being back at school, but if I had to choose one project to re-do for “fun” it would be the power tool. Our school has done that as a 3rd year project forever (like since the early 80’s I think) in conjunction with B&D (they come up to guest crit,

I did an auto pressure washer, but if i did it again would probably do some sort of hand power tool.



The egg drop pretty much started at my alma mater (way before my time ofcourse) but was completely absent from any of our classes by the time I got there. Did a toothpick bridge in middle school, but never in college sadly, I loved those type of challenges, they also have the ability to get people to really think about structural and mechanical problems in a very hands on way, which I think would be very pertinent to students (particularly these days with many students moving more and more to the computer).

chairs do seem pretty ubiquitous

for many many many years our school did a children’s camera for the first project of junior year

what about hair dryers? anybody??

If I could redo any project, definitely revisit my “future computer” blue sky

  • heavily minority report inspired crossed with “applish aesthetic”
  • did more learning flamingo than real design I’m afraid = (

I’d like to redo my chair project. We had a limited choice of materials which made it interesting, simple and cheap. I was going to use the same formula to make some for my place since they could also be made without using a shop, you’d just have to send it out for the welding. I did all of the work on mine by hand except for 2 minutes on a bandsaw and 30 seconds on a bending machine. Everybody in the class made really good ones and it was something real, not just a drawing.

I second CARDBOARD chair. I had that project both at college and university. Both times was really a challenge.

a copper axe, the stone ones we used were high tech for the time but I KNEW that metals stuff was the WAY!


I needed that…thank you!

funny thing is I do know now how to “napp flint” (obsidian really) it was a technology that intrigued me, and turned out to be quite hard. The blades you can fab though are the sharpest in the world and a clovis point truly is a thing of beauty when you fully understand all that went into crafting it. I also do know how to smelt and forge metals, copper is tricky and the loon who figured out that 10% tin in copper made a wonder metal likely got screwed out of any down stream income. It just go’s to show, high tech is only that way for a while, then it becomes invisiable untill it dissappers alltogether…till you need it.