Quicksilver Contest

Hello people,

I just wanted to check if anyone now what happened with the “Quicksilver Innovation Contest”? Where the winners ever announced? The website seems pretty dead. I think I read something about the result being shown at ISPO, but I didnt see anything there. Would be cool to see the winners anyhow.


I hope these guys aren´t screwing everybody over, my friend was a winner in a Rossignol competition (same group as Quicksilver, right?) and never got his prize…

I actually won the second prize in the quiksilver contest. And received the $4,253 winnings in January. Tell your friend to email the rossignal contest cordinator about his winnings, I had to send several emails for 2 months because of complications with wiring the money to my U.S. bank account.

Although, I I haven’t really heard anything about ISPO or the press release.