Quick sketching of people

Hi everybody

I read this topic Any designers do life drawing? about life drawing and saw Yo’s comment about being able to represent the human figure with ease.

That got me thinking that there are probably a lot of people here that have good and refined ways of rapidly and efficiently sketch/indicate simplified human figures for use cases.

I’d like to improve in this kind of sketching so I’d like to learn from your good examples to sketch a quick simplied figure that capture what happens. Whould you be som kind to share some samples?

Thank in advance!

This is a constant source of inspiration for myself http://designerman-whatisawtoday.blogspot.com/ great work!

PS: My first post under a new name my previous one (scout144) seem to be unaccessible

I probably learned how to quickly map out the human anatomy through hundreds and hundreds of gesture drawings. That is, just try and capture the body (and its movement) as quickly as you can on paper (my instructor this semester told me to try and capture the emotions). Supplement with copying some old master copies of studies on different parts of the anatomy (hands, feet, etc.). Or a human anatomy for artists book, whichever is your style.

If a model is inaccessible, try Genly, Inc. for some references.

Also check out Poussin. His figures are very fluid.

Thanks, both of you, great advice and links. I’ll start working on my improvement right away. :slight_smile:

Yup, this is yet another sketch board to promote my blog: http://sachlifedrawing.blogspot.com/

Life drawing really helped me out with the day job. You really have to think on your feet!