Quick Sketches/renderings, critics plz

I’m currently studying industrial design and I’m in the 4th term. Next term I will have to attend an internship and this for I’m currently working on my portfolio.
So could you please tell me, what you think of the following sketches/renderings, they’re just quick renderings and sketches, each one took me less than 10-15min, they should just illustrate alternatives/variations to finished projects.


and the real product

nice stuff man. I think the pen sketches are working nice. I like the retro-future stereo. What’s up is that an amp or a receiver or what? The sketches for that don’t have the same energy though.

Thnx, yeah, it’s an preamplifier and since it’s based on tubes I HAD to do a Flash Gordon/Buk Rogers style housing. :smiley: :wink:
Anyway, I do have slight problem in making dynamically looking sketches of this thing. At the moment I’m just experimenting with sketching the variations in a nice perspective and without rendering them (or at least scanning them first, so I don’t have to sketch them again if the rendering looks crappy :wink: )

Your sketches have a nice feel Kk, defintely Brazil-ian in flavor.

The muted color palette would be in keeping with old radio products. Browns and burnt orange tones would recall Bakelite and celluloid materials. Celluloid had a semi-transluscent quality that would be interesting to simulate with a modern material; might be cool to see the tubes glowing through the casework.

It’s really too bad that design has taken the route that it has; hand-drawn is still more appealing to me. A friend of mine is a general contractor and prefers hand-drawn construction drawings. He believes that the draftman that executes them must have a better understanding of the structure than a CAD jockey because he spends more time thinking about his work.

on the pre amp, I would sugest using a dirty style.

I threw this down reall quick to show you what I am thinking, prisma pencil on trace paper:

Yeah, this is kind of the style I’ve been doing the “new” sketches of the amp, but as usuall my scanner decided to tell me “you better go and buy a new scanner, I don’t wanna work anymore”. :imp: :wink: