quick sketch after detroit auto show

I couldn’t resist throwing down a quick car sketch after visiting the Detroit show.

It was somewhat inspired by Buick’s new tag line, “the car you’ve been dreaming of is the car we’ve been dreaming up”, and then they show a picture of the Buick Lacross, has marketing no sense at all?

Anyway, the project I gave myself was: what type of product would I design knowing that would be the advert.

I was thinking about that ne Kappa platoform GM is using with the Solstice and Saturn Sky, v6, rear wheel drive, great proportions. I also thought of an old concept car Buick did in the 50’s called the Wildcat, based on the 'vette, that never made it to production. I ended with this:

Prisma Pencil and Sharpie on 11x17 bond. Rendered in Photoshop. Including overlays, scanning, and render time, it took a bit less than 5 hours.

That’s really sweet. Most of all I like the the way you combined the hood air intake with the cab.


What do you use to draw on Photoshop a Wacom monitor or tablet or what? I would like to work on drawings in photoshop but the mouse just doesn’t do it. Would love a Wacom monitor but the cost keeps that out of reach. Just interested in knowing what you use for your photoshop sketches.


I sketch on paper with prisma pencil and sharpie. Scan it, and render that in photoshop. I use small Wacom Intuos tablet, about $100. I just got delivery of a 15" Cintiq monitor, but I haven’t used it yet.

My technique is basicly this:

This one was done with a ballpoint pen though.


Thanks for the info and the demo thats what I wanted to know. The sketch looks go by the way. I am going to have to at least check into the tablets the citaq’s are very cool, thats the only one that i have used with sketchbook, but the cost just needs to go down.


Yeah, the cintiq is a bit pricey compared to a tablet, but compared to an apple LCD it is reasonable. I got the 15" versus the 17", it’s a lot less bulky and cheaper, but the 17 has some cooler features.

You can pick up some deals on regular tablets here:


Pretty cool. Do you have any othere car design sketches posted?



Yo - The technique you posted seems pretty sweet. You should put some words explaining what you did exactly some time.

Nice renderings but shame about the designs, seems the way a lot of the time, the ‘design’ actually gets ignored in favour of spending 5 hours rendering, hohum…

Well, by all means, show us all how it is done.

…eagerly awaiting to be schooled by you joe. Thanks for stepping up to the plate.


Joe i would like to see some stuff-

always looking to see what people post-great stuff on this forum-could you be more specific of which designs you think were ingnored-just so that I can better understand your comment. (Yo has posted alot of work in this thread— so it would help if you narrowed it down)

thank you