Quick Question: Portfolio Layouts

Do you think that a portfolio should have the same graphic layout per page or be different?

Here is one that I like a lot that is the same:

My portfolio is slightly the same per page, but a little different. What are your thoughts on my layout?

You don’t need to use the exact same layout, but you also don’t want to use a radically different layout on every single page.

Creating a layout that is flexible enough to work in different situaions is the goal. The one you linked is a nice example of one layout working well for a bunch of different scenarios. It makes a nice use of the sidebar + splash graphic but doesn’t get super crowded and isn’t afraid to have some white space. Works really nicely.

i think the point is to show your work as a cohesive body. the y layouts don’t have to be the same but i like the ones that are tied together graphically, but simply.