quick portfolio question

Hey all, I’m applying for school and I have about three days before I send my portfolio off.

Should I a) spend four hours concentrating on sketches and last minute ideas to beef it up. Not that it needs it per say, but I’m always down to make it better.

Or b) spend four hours in a print shop getting the pictures professionally printed on glossy paper.

With “a”, I’d just take the route of printing on regular paper at my house. I obviously have Photoshop and know how to use it.

It might seem trivial, four hours (it could even be five), but I still have stuff to do, and it will be a race to the end, not that I’ve been putting it off but more so because I have put a lot of time and care into it. I am just not sure if it matters that the paper is glossy or not. I’m past submissions, I have had it done professionally, but it was due to my pieces being paintings I did, and I had to get them photographed.


If your portfolio needs “beefing up” is impossible to say without a look at it and knowing where your are applying.

In general, I’d say, work on the presentation, layout and making it as accessible as possible in the time you got.
School applications are not so much about showing what you already know, but rather about showing potential and communicating that you would be a good fit for the program.

Hey, I have made a few models of my ideas out of cardboard and styrofoam, and did put in some Solidworks pieces I did. I sketched about 5 technical devices (in detail), but I didn’t take them apart… I did sketch some of my ideas, and drew the components and conveyed how they fit together, but I am now thinking to do more of those. I need 15 pieces and I have approx. 14.

I think it conveys that I can sketch well, I have ideas and I know some Solidworks. That is good to me, and I now know where to focus.


Well, it sounds like you are in god shape.

Good luck.