Quick portfolio question - PDF?

When putting together a .pdf that’ll be viewed on the computer is the paper size you’ve used important? At the moment my whole portfolio is A3. Is a4 better suited to PDF?

I’ve had little experience using PDF’s so would be great if anyone could pass on some knowledge.

I guess A4 might reduce the file size…a little…wel depending how big your images are. But A person with a A3 document will be able to scale to fit to print it out at A4…so if the file size isn’t huge I wouldn’t worry about it.

in theory, if everything is vector, the image/page size doesnt matter. given though that you likely have images in the pdf, a smaller page with smaller images should make a smaller files size.

if you are going to print only a4 and as will the people you send it to, you should make the file a4. otherwise there’s a chance that someone could mess up the printing, and get half a page.

if you have a real version of acrobat i think there’s a way you can scale all your pages from a3 to a4 and create a new file pretty easy.

most important thing to keep in mind if you are scaling or viewing/printing a pdf is your type size. if you have 12pt text in your a3 document then print at a4, you’ve all of a sudden got tiny 6pt text that wont work so well. its always best to design with the correct size in mind.