Quick Observation

I’ve been reading/posting on this forum off and on since I was an undergrad in 2000 and noticed a steady decline in the vitality and interestingness of this board. Why? Is it the effect of having to be registered? The fact that the same people post? Why is this? Out of fear of being censored or ousterized from the design community as with the case with our once wily protagonist UFO (what the heck happed to that dude anyways?) Posts and replies seem to be more down-keyed, pensive and conservative without the radical free thought that comes from pure inquisitiveness, brash subjectivist, cross-pollinated perspective thinking and and blatant improvisional creativity that, I believe, ID was in part born from.

I think it’s good because there’s more relevant stuff but its also not good because of the points I just mentioned- just an observation.

So please be judgmental, harsh, understanding, thoughtful, unbiased and brash to offer your unfiltered thoughts…

Actually, I think it’s because we’re all so busy.

Seems to me that design is surging due to it’s growing recognition at all consumer levels, due in no small part to ubiquitous Apple products and all the design shows on TV. And over the last few years of Burning Man and the DIY movement, there is much greater appreciation of the difficulty in combining utility with beauty.


We lost our chief instigator: UFO.

I think it’s also become much more professional, as has Core itself.

ID01, stick around and make the forums better. The forum is 100% user initiative. When the users stop, the forum stops. What I think is funny when I read someone say that the forum isn’t interesting, I think, well…make it interesting!

I start a lot of posts in order to see what other people think. I’d love to see more people do the same.