Quick illustrator question


I’m trying to work out if its possible to outline a dashed line in illustrator. Everytime I outline the stroke of a dashed line it comes out solid when I really want loads of solid dashes.

Any ideas?



try offset path

nah doesn’t work either

Make line, check dashed line box, offset path, offset path will have same dash.

Or just make your stroke weight huge.

You have to go back and find your old copy of illustrator 9. I don’t remember if it started in 10 but in IL CS, you’ll lose the dash creating outlines. It works in 9 though. That’s why I always keep my old versions around for certain things just like this.

You want the effect of outlined rectangles following a path? Make a pattern brush out of rectangles. Draw a rectangle the size of dashes you want. Draw a non-stroked, non-filled square. Send square to back. Sel-all, both square and rectangle. Align, Horizontal align left and Vertical align center. Group. While Edit/define pattern. Name it “Dashed.” Unsellect
Go to your brushes window (F5)Options, New brush, pick new pattern brush. In the 1st box find “Dashed” in the menu hit OK.

Now you have a new brush in the brushes window. Select any line and clik the dashed brush. Outlined Dashes!!!

If you have a closed path, you’ll need to make a new brush and rotate your rectangle/square and define patterns.
Hope this helps.

Hello there.

You could use Freehand.

Make a text object, paste a rectangle as many times needed.
Then draw a path and just use ‘Attach text to path’, adjust kerning and that’s about it.

It works well on everything except corners of rectangular objects.

I think it works similar in Indesign.
Only once deselected you have no further control over kerning.


Thanks for all the advice.

Will dig out my old ibook and kick it old skool with illustrator 8 as this seems the quickest way.



Just do the dash / outline then bring it back to your current version and work there, it’s pretty easy to cut + paste between the 2. There are only some things that won’t translate well from an old version to new or vice versa.