Quick concept generation techniques

I recall seeing a contributor’s post on the “doodling” thread a while ago that was a compilation of chair concepts on post-its, and also more recently some doodles of Yo’s that were done with a time limit.

Incidentally I was sketching last week with a blunt pencil. Not only did the pencil move quickly and fluidly, the limit of detail I could also sketch encouraged me to draw up a concept, add a few contour lines and shading and move on.

Might be worth experimenting with in future!

What other techniques do people use to speed up concept generation?

I’d love to post the outcome, I will do so in Feb 2016!

A lot of Scott Robertson’s more recent work is about generating new concepts and forms (for entertainment design most of the time) and using different methods to make stuff he can’t just ‘dream up’.

  • Using 3D tools like Modo to assemble pre-bought CAD models of different aircraft, cars, products and “kit-bash” them together into something new that can be the genesis of a concept.
  • Making custom brushes in Sketchbook Pro or Photoshop to sketch out forms, looking into the sketches for inspiration.

Try drawing with a 10% gray marker to start with - mainly blocking out the light/dark - before going in with fine-tip or detail. And yes, changing your analog media also is fruitful.