Questions on ID and a couple schools...

Hey guys, I’ve been reading a few of the threads on here and I’ve found them very helpful and informative, but I have a couple more questions I’m not sure about, so if any of you guys could answer them it’d be greatly appreciated! Here goes…

Well I’m a high school junior (entering senior year) from Indiana and I recently job-shadowed at a place nearby and spent a lot of time with an industrial designer there and what he did really seemed to match up with my talents/likes and also matched up almost perfectly with an aptitude test I took about a year ago in Chicago. Since then I’ve been studying up on it a bit more and have heard (from the designer and many times on this board) that the University of Cincinnati was the best school in the midwest for ID. So I’m really excited about that, but I’m in a bit of a dilemma because I have a shot at going to Purdue (which also has ID) for free cause I’m in the National Merit competition this year, while at Cinci I still might have to pay up to 10-grand per year since I’m an out of state student. So I was wondering:

Is Purdue a decent school for ID? I know its not nearly as accredited as UC, but a full ride would be really cool, so do Purdue ID grads get much respect/ have a good chance at landing a job after graduation?

Would not being a great artist be a hindrance if I went into ID (at either Purdue or Cinci)? I’ve always been artistic and like to draw a lot, but I’m not amazing or anything, and I’m not sure if my lack of experience would be a big problem or not.

And lastly, does anyone know if there’s a way to get in-state tuition for UC? I’ve heard that as long as you’re living on-campus you’re still considered out of state and have to pay that tuition, and you have to live on campus if you’re nearby, or something like that, and I was just wondering if there’s any way to get in-state tuition after living/studying there for a while.

So yeah, thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for all the stuff I’ve already learned by checking out some of the threads here :slight_smile: God bless!

i’ll answer your last question, the only way to get in state tuition is to apply to be a resident of the state which you have to live here for like either 9-12 months straight off of campus housing…kinda hard to do when your co-oping

It’s possible to get in state tuition at UC as an out of state high school student. While I don’t know the specifics, I do know a few former design students who have made it happen. I believe one of the requirements is that you have to be able to prove (and pay for) a full year of out of state tuition…and do it independently from any outside assistance (i.e. your parents) It’s definitely not easy, but it can be done. (~$15K) I’m sure you can find out the requirements with a little digging in and around UC’s admissions department. Because it’s a state school there are probably guidelines from the state of Ohio as well…

Alrighty, thanks guys. I’ll look into that

Welcome to the boards. Sounds like you are doing a lot of great research and ar pursuing a logical path to becoming a designer.

Add this thought to your web: education is an investment in your future. Go to the best school you possibly can, it will be worth it. A great school not only has a better program, it attracts better professors, and better classmates. The people are what makes the school, not the name, or the facilities.

On the drawing question. As long as you have interest and aptitude you will be fine. Remember, you are going to school to learn how to do this stuff, so they are not expecting you to be able to render like Syd Mead as a freshman (if you don’t know who Syd is, look him up…). If it is a weak spot for you, prepare to put in the hard work to strengthen it (as you would with any weak spot). Check out

Thanks, I’m at least trying haha… and yeah from all I’ve heard I’d learn more at UC, but I’m just a bit iffy about being 40k+ in debt at the end of college, though I know many people come out with worse bills than that but its still a bit scary for me. Though at Cinci it’d be better because of the paid co-op, not sure how much that would be but it would certainly help. Or maybe I could get the best of both worlds and get a full or near full ride there or become an in-state student… I did a bit of research on what Nate was talking about and and if you can fully support yourself (without parents or anyone else) and live there + get Ohio drivers license/pay Ohio taxes and all that whatnot than you can get in-state tuition after the first year, so if I could pull that off I’d only have to pay 10kish for it and that’d be sweet! Only way to get in state immediately would be to marry someone who lives in Ohio, but I don’t think I’m ready to do that just to save a few thousand dollars :wink:

But yes thanks so much for the advice everyone! And thanks for answering my art question Yo… I’m a decent artist and really enjoy doing it but I’m not good enough to say, go into a career as an artist so I just wanted to make sure I don’t have to be awesome at it naturally to be a good designer. And since I’m probably going to go into ID I can start practicing my sketching and everything now to get ready. So yeah, and if you guys have any other advice for someone in my position I’m all ears, and thanks for all the help you’ve given already!

I just checked tuition rates for UC and out of state is just under $24k a year. I go to UC, went in completely worthless skills-wise, and on my third coop I would comfortably saying I don’t suck.

That being said I’m not sure the extra debt is worth it. I have worked with kids from all over, some really great kids from really bad schools and pretty unimpressive kids from very respected schools. This includes a Purdue intern and a Purdue grad, both were totally solid designers. You seem totally motivated to be successful so think very hard about what coming out of school with $100k in debt will be like.

I think what Yo said about an investment in your future is totally true, but more important than the school on your diploma is how hard you work while you are there.

Yeah, I might be able to get full in-state from UC (if I get merit finalist) or maybe even more than that, so I’d just need to pay the out-of-state surcharge, which would still leave me with ~40-50k debt. So I don’t really know yet, but yeah the guy I shadowed was actually a Purdue grad as well and seemed to know what he was doing.

don’t knock Purdue, it’s a great porgram, a long history of great work, lots of awards - and for a program much smaller than UC! I work with a ‘boilermaker’, an excellent designer.

Ultimately you could do just as well there as anywhere - it’s more a matter of how you use the time than what they provide to you.

You should visit the other Big10 ID programs in the midwest, OSU, ND, UI+UIC.
But also visit the art schools for comparison, you’d probably be suprised.

Cool… thats one of the things I was wondering about so its nice to know they have a good program!