questions of presentation / layout

Hi everyone!

I’m a first time poster here, and a little overwhelmed with the variety of portfolios from the multitude of design disciplines out there, and was wondering if someone could give me tips on mine. I’m a Product Design student in the UK looking for an internship and any pointers would be lovely.

I have seen this portfolio from a LinkedIn member and love the stylistic approach taken, it’s a trans student, and I don’t know where to start in order to make that sort of visual statement with my portfolio. How and where was it done? Photoshop? What techniques were used? I can’t seem to find any pointers or tutorials on the internet related to such a style!

any advice would be much appreciated!

Hi Rizzrazz,

I just quickly scanned through your portfolio and you have some nice projects and sketches. For most of your projects I do miss your starting point, so what is the design brief/challenge, what do you want to solve with your product?

Some feedback about the two of your projects.
Modular pet toy

  • I was missing a design brief. I did not know what I was looking at, actually I still do not know what it is exactly :slight_smile:
  • It would be nice to show a bit of research and how you got to this design and its features.
  • Maybe it would be nice to put all your sketches on one page.
  • It would be nice to see the product in use, so you could add a dog and its owner to one of your renderings or a scenario of use.

Re-usable life pod

  • It could figure out what the project was about by your research. Also missing a clear design brief, as I quickly scanned through it I did not wanted to read the complete research.
  • Maybe it would be nice to put your sketches on one page. In that case you can see how the design evolved from beginning to the final.

So overall you have some good material/projects, but work a bit on the structure. Try to include your design brief in the beginning for all your projects.

I think the portfolio you pointed out is made with a combination of InDesign and Photoshop (maybe Illustrator as well). I personally would put the focus on your projects and a bit less on a super fancy lay-out.

Hi there Mixel

thank you very much for your feedback. In the design brief stage, should I simply include a page of text indicating what the project is or do you suggest I apply it more stylistically to the individual projects?

really appreciate your response and advice!!

You’r welcome.

There are multiple ways of implementing your design brief in your projects. If we have a look at the portfolio you liked, then the design brief is mentioned on the front page and on the first page of each project. This could be a way to apply it to your own portfolio.