questions about working in amsterdam

i am a 25 year old product design grad and i might be signing a contract to work in amsterdam for about a year designing consumer electronics for a large company located there.

does anyone have any idea what the cost of living is like there right now for someone like me? i have read a few reports, but haven’t been able to find anything very applicable to my situation. are there any areas in amsterdam that are more fun to live in? any idea what a salary for a fresh design grad like me in a big corporation might look like considering taxes and living expenses?


Amsterdam is my hometown and I can say it depends a lot on what type of residence you’re looking for.

Most student-type apartments ranging from 10 to 25 m2 go for 300-500 euro a month.

If you don’t mind living above a cafe or shoarma bar, you might be able to shave off 50 euros.

The hardest part, however, is finding an available place. There are waiting lists of several years with some housing agencies. Best method is to find some contacts there that can tell you when something opens up.

I don’t know if you speak/read any Dutch, but you can use to find available housing in several price categories.

As to which area would be best: Right in the center of the city :wink: Or ‘de Baarsjes’, where a lot of small condos are located (and a lot of crime :wink:)

Out of curiosity: What company are you going to work for?

thanks for the info

although i am hesitant to say which companyit is , i will give you one clue: it starts with a ‘Ph’ and ends with a “ilips.”

In terms of salary I would say you can ask 2500-2600 euro/month as a fresh product design graduate, especially at Philips.

Philips is actually regarded as the best Dutch employer by a recent study, and I know they also have great benefits (travel expenses, move packets fees, bonus, etc.), something to keep in mind.

Good luck,