Questions about the Art Institute of Colorado

Just a genral question about the ID program at the Art Institute of Colorado. Well, is it worth while in going? Does anyone know anybody who graduated from there, and what they are doing? Just a genral run down of what people think of the program…


Don’t bother; there is not a strong ID program in the state of Colordo - I highly recommend going somewhere else.
(I’m a designer in the Rocky Mtn area, but I didn’t go to school here)

I have graduated from AIC, and to be honest with you…I would have gone elsewhere. But since I was so far along when I realized it sucked, I stuck it out and made the best of it. LIke any school you go to, it is only what you put into it that you’re going to get out of it. The school doesn’t make your portfolio, you do. Make sure you become friends with the best of the best of whatever school you attend and learn from them…and always remain challenged.