questions about showing portfolio in a cover letter?


I graduated a few months ago. nowadays, I am searching for a job.
I have been reading this forum quite for a long time. It has been very useful for me. I still have soe questions about cover letter.

* as far as I understood it is better to send portfolio in the first mail.
should it be an attached PDF (under 5 MB) or a coroflot link (sorry , I don’t know how to get a domain nor web design)
PDF is annoying sometimes even it is small, but in the other hand coroflot link is not professional.

*I have 2 portfolios, which one should I send to the offices ?? or both ??

  • first one is a full portfolio including 25 pages of bachelor project ,each project has 1-2 pages.(generally each has a big render, some little sketches and concept explanation) if u want to check : … NZM0nV.pdf

-second one is a PDF presentation of design process of my graduation project from beginning to the final presentation.(12 pages) it includes researches, sketches, model making… if u want to check : … UwK80Z.pdf

* while looking for a job abroad, should I mention about about my desire to relocate?? and also, should I mention I will deal with all these bureaucratic things if they accept me ?? (I am from Turkey )
or these are the things that we should talk after a second mail ??