Questions about patent registration

Hi all, I wonder if there are types of patents in USA, I would like to record my ideas as patents. How does this work in USA?. Thanks in advance. Anyone interested in becoming a partner of patents?

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If I’m not mistaken, you cannot patent these now, as you posted them on a public forum without previously patenting them, now they are considered public domain.

My sincere suggestion is to immediately remove the images if you’d like to possibly patent this. Speak to a PATENT ATTORNEY. This is the only person you should talk to if you’re serious. And you should be serious, because you’re going to spend at least $10k, minimum.

Best of luck! Act fast.

Are you serious? and were presented to under armor.

Money and my ignorance are bad aspects to me.

If they were presented to Under Armor, I think your chances are smaller.

Promptly remove all photos from here and contact a Patent Attorney. I’m sharing my limited knowledge, you want a professional.

Thanks for your advice, it is difficult to patent. Too much money to patent, impossible for me.

If you believe in it, you can make it happen.

If its not worth it, keep on designing and pushing forward.

Well, thanks for your advice, I do not know what to do. I just know that the footwear industry handles ridiculously high amounts of profit, and it is right that those who strive for trying to improve the products, receive a benefit. Honestly I have not the love of money, but I wish I had money to work and not work to get money. I cant to pay to get a patent in USA. Unfortunately for me, I now just think as creative, and do not think as an entrepreneur. What else do you recommend?

Maybe I could get $ 700 dlls, to patent in Mexico. It may be a small step, but it’s something. Maybe I can open up a door in Mexico.


I am very happy, I have requested my first patent in Mexico, and I have the option to extend the application to the U.S. from my country. It took me less than $ 500 dlls the first payment. I thought it would be more difficult.


Guys, I’m looking for help in carrying out a project for shoe brand, inspired by Rkuchinsky tips, I try to patent a sole, outside Mexico, to try to develop the product, some here on the forum met the project, but who wants to participate in the initiative, contact me, to show the project in more detail and make a plan, working as partners in equity, 50 and 50.

The attributes of the sole are:

Lighter (even has the potential of being the lighter sole of EVA)
Savings on inputs for manufacturing
visual impact
more flexibility
Product can be managed as ecological advantages
strategic Cushioning

My email is