Questions about my first job opportunity.

Hi fellow designers!

I just graduated and I found a possible employer that seems to like me. Now they want me to freelance for them for two weeks I guess as a way to test my skills. I feel confident that I can do the design work but I don’t know how much of that confidence can make a bad impression.

My question is how much confidence is good? I just don’t want to blow it.


You have nothing to loose!! Go for it, bust your ass and show what you can do. Remember you have to crawl before you can walk and many small firms ask you to do freelance work before they hire you. this is okay. Go for it, give your best, and look at it as you have nothing to loose.


Ditto to Justin. As long as you’re getting paid, bust your ass and prove your worth. Just make sure it’s a level of ass-busting that you can maintain…

You guys are right. At this point I should just go for it and bust my ass. I’ll keep you posted.

This is an extremely important point! You are about to set expectations… don’t work too hard or be honest about how hard you did work, and by that I mean in a 2 week period you put in say 160 hours and hand in the work in and they love it. This is going to be the expectation of the type of work you can do in a two week time frame. Which is not a pace anyone can maintain over time thus when they expect the same results you will be in trouble.

Hopefully this makes sense… still to early for me this Monday.

Chevis W.

Freelance or Contract work is a great way for companies to get a sense of you without fully committing. Full employment is expensive and the firing process can be a paperwork nightmare and many companies would rather test you out instead of taking a huge chance.

They know you just graduated and do not expect you to be a winning horse right out of the gate but they will be able to see that you are smart, hardworking, motivated, quick to learn the business, and able to implement what you are learning. Confidence in yourself is a good thing. I was in your shoes two years ago and I actually referred two people to a job and the one that won out was the one that sounded confident in the interview and my boss told me that the sound of confidence was the only reason for her decision.

Don’t sweat it. Work hard, show that you are constantly learning the business and they will be happy with you.