questions about mini hard copy portfolio. Thanks.

How many pages should be in the mini portfolio?
What is the best size?
Do I need to show the whole design process from research, concept to final model or just images of final model?

Mine is less than what I have on coroflot, a bit of everything but not too much. It’s pretty small.

It will depend on your theme for the size. I wanted a clean and simple look, so that’s what I did.

Your teaser should consist of your strongest images from your portfolio. I think most places aren’t interested in only seeing a sample as they are in seeing a full portfolio.

Keep it simple - don’t give them your everything.

Hope that helps.

…i’ve used a biz card which folds out to a mini-folio…made each one by hand to target to a specific job-op…use a single biz card sleeve to compact it…