questions about industrial design employment


In a nutshell, I am a college student in transition. After being impressed with SFSU’s Industrial/Product design showcase I was thinking about pursuing a career in Industrial Design with a backup plan in Journalism, during the Spring of 2005.

I’m curious and concerned (because of our economy) about the demand of Industrial/Product designers…specifically in Northern California. Did the industry slow down just like the dot-coms? Are these careers in demand now? I talked to professors at SFSU’s ID program and they couldn’t give me a clear answer. I really need help on a decision…


Things were good for a while but along with a lot of manufacturing jobs ID is migrating to Asia. Of course there will always be jobs in the US but the good times are over and there are a lot of unemployed people. Only go into it if you are dedicated and competitive.

The thing about industrial design is there is more people looking for jobs than have them. educational institutions have the option that anyone who wants an education in industrial design can have one (regardless of supply and demand for jobs in the maket place).
im currently doing a degree and see it all the time with graduates moving into graphic design and other areas cuz they can get jobs. unless your dam good and driven in design or have the contacts to get you your first job you will be disapointed. There are jobs just not many.