Questions about Digital Art and Advertising


I’m trying to gather research for my dissertation and I was hoping you could help by answering a few questions. My dissertation working title is ‘Exploring conceptual elements of digital art and advertising within a space’. Advertising companies are notorious for using innovative ways to communicate their brand and I was hoping to ask a couple of questions in relation to this-

  1. What are your views on advertisers exhibiting digital, experiential and physical based advertisements (such as projection mapping*) in public or private spaces?

*an example of projection mapping can be found here -

  1. Do you think these methods of advertising work better in public or private space?

  2. Do you think these interactive and playful methods are effective and in what way?

  3. If an advertising campaign was based in an art gallery space, do you think that it would then become a piece of art or would it remain an advertisement and why?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!