Questions about Co-op Program at DAAP

Hey there I just graduated from UC… One professor is assigned to each major, he or she will be your co-op advisor. In the beginning of the program you have co-op classes and learn about putting togther resumes,etc… Basically what happens is that theres a list of co-ops that UC has a good relationship with. Usually the co-op advisor knows if a certain company is looking for a co-op. But if a certain company really likes your work they will probably talk to you. The student gets to choose which companies to apply for of course. The companies receive links to student’s work online…they contact who they are interested in…
Co-ops are always competitive I think. Also theres other design schools looking for internships too. I would say its harder to get a co-op in the suumer. Everyone usualy does get placed. But if your portfolio isn’t up to par then you should work really hard to getting looking stellar. Of course you can seek your own co-op! That is probably how UC has so many relationships with other companies. Just be sure to contact companies you want to do internships with way in advance like…4 months or so.


Vita… said it pretty well. To add, there are times that the Co-Op advisor won’t send your stuff to a company that you want to work for. For instance when 25 people apply to Astro he might only send the ten best candidates. That pisses some people off.

I’ve got my last three Co-ops on my own and like to think of the advisor as a helper, more than the only means of finding a job. I figure if you want somthing go get it don’t worry about the faculty, but at the same time I never would have gotten that first Co-Op on my own.

Thanks for the responses! Glad to hear that it’s a lot looser of a system than it was portrayed on the website!
On a somewhat related note, do either of you have anything to say about job placement for graduates? Vita, I guess since you’re a recent graduate what has been your experience so far? Do you have any friends from the program that have found work or not? Do you have any sense of how this is comparing to recent graduates from other schools? I know that job placement is usually a issue in the design field but do you feel like DAAP, or your internship experiences have given you a comparative advantage. Also, how common is it for internships to turn into full-time offers?
Thanks for entertaining me :slight_smile:

Job placement is never easy…especially at a place you haven’t interned at I would say and for fresh graduates out of school (esp. product design consultancies). I personally took a hiatus and didnt start looking for a job until around 4 months after graduation :slight_smile: My experience has been positive I have been talking to some cool companies. Most of my friends from school have jobs. Daap has DEF. helped me and provided an advantage b/c of the work experience I already have in the industry. Also, you meet soooo many people on co-ops that have friends at other companies so getting new contacts is not hard usually. Websites like coroflot and linkedin have helped me out a ton as far as talking to new companies. It’s very common for internships to turn into full-time. I would recommend something that I wish i would have done. If you intern in a city, you should stop by and show your work to other design firms in the area. That way you build your options for graduation and forever really. The design community is so small. I hope this was helpful.