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I’m hoping you can help me. I’m currently studying product and furniture design at Ravensbourne college in London and I need to do some market research.
I have created an online questionnaire in order to do some market research and I was hoping that you may be able to post it on your site.

The site is:

I hope you can help.

Many thanks,


i filled it out.

might get a better response though without asking for the name, email, unviersity stuff. i cant see how that would be relevant to your survey.

Also, Im not sure where you are going with your survey…how does knowing the perception of a limited amount of brands help in your design?

In the end, any survey is only as good as the questions it asks.

Asking if you’ve heard of a brand, percieved quality, etc. doesnt really tell you much, IMHO.

What about “would you purchase this?”, "Are you ABLE to purchase this brand “ie. compensating for income”, “Do you have any personal experience with this brand?”

As well, most of the brands you mention carry such a diverse line of products a general question about the company may be misleading…

Just some thoughts to help you refine your study to get usable info.

best of luck,