I’m currently in the midst of studying medicine in college. However I’ve always been interested in product design, drawing, art, and just design in general. I remember in high school watching a video on the company IDEO and thinking to myself, “I’d like to work for that kind of company.” And one thing that I remember hearing specifically from that video was the founder of IDEO saying that they hired ppl from all diff kinds of backgrounds, doctors, teachers, etc.

I was wondering if that was the case in many design firms/companies. If I do indeed pursue medicine … can I use my knowledge there to work for an design company? Or are many of them strictly … “you have to graduate from a art school and have an art portfolio etc”?

I guess a more practical question would be … what kind of profession would allow me to utilize my medical knowledge and my art/design skills?

Note: I can’t really change majors bc I’m already pretty set on heading to med school next yr.

I’m kind of in the same situation. After 7 years of being in ID I’ve gotten a really steady hand, I love helping people, and I took AP bio in highschool, so I thought I would start applying for some positions as a surgeon.

Sorry to be a bit of dick, I must be having tryptophan withdrawal from all that turkey. But if you are serios about getting into ID, you are going to have to go to school fot it, it is a very competitive feild.

This type of question gets posted all the time. People assume that any Tom, Dick, or Harry that draws as a hobby can design ground breaking, industry leading, technicaly innovative, and aetheticly pleasing products and it’s just not that easy. It sounds like you have a real underlying passion for it and the question is are going to spend serious coin on an education that is unrelated to it? Not very logical my good doctor. I have no doubt that IDEO employs a doctor here or there for 8-16 hours of research work when doing a medical product. Do they have any on staff, I doubt it.

So follow your heart. If you want to be a doctor, keep going. If you want to get into design, change paths now, or plan on doing even more schooling. Take a look at some of the portfolios on coroflot like this one

You are going to competing with kids like this right out of school. I know it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and I don’t mean to be overly harsh, but I think you might want to really asses what your dream job is and then back track from there to find a path to it.

Thanks for the quick reply. And no offense taken. I just want a staightforward answer and I think I got one. As for my options now … I don’t think there is any way I can really get out of medicine since I’ve already committed 3 yrs of my undergrad to preparing for med school. In another life perhaps things would be different.

I do however want to continue improving my skills in drawing and general design technique. How would you suggest I do this … more as a hobby I mean … semiserious hobby that is.