Question On schools

Hello, I’m a high school sophomore and am trying to figure out which school I want to attend for college. I have found that I am interested in graphic design and photography, however I prefer the former. I have searched through a couple of art and schools and I really found interest in The California college of the arts and Yale; not to say those are the colleges I want to definitely go to, but they are my favorites so far. I just wanted to know people’s personal opinion on both school, such a pros and cons list; reccomebdations for other schools that you think would fit my criteria; and how, wether you applied to those schools are not, you formed your portfolio. Like subject matter, art style, format , etc.


Well, this being neither a graphic design forum, nor a photography forum, I’d recommend you visit a forum with people who are more focused on what you want to do. In terms of schools, CCA and Yale couldn’t be more different in every way.