Question from student

Hi, when an ID professor looks at your model and says cool, but not in a sarcastic way, and walks away to look at other sudent works, does that mean he likes it, don’t like it, or I’m well on my way and doesn’t have anything to say about it? This incident happen to me in class and the professor being very talkative and telling tons of stories, I expected a lot more when he checked my model. By the way i’m in my second year in ID and just started ID 1. Any response would be appreciated.


What did he say when you asked him after class?

What has this got to do with employment?

Anyways, is he your project instructor or is he just a passer by?

If he’s your project instructor, then you ought to dig him out from his cubical and blast him with loads of questions. It’s your responsibility, not his.

The worst type is one who praises you all the way through the course then slams you at the final review.

I didn’t ask him after class becuase I was in a rush…and yea he’s my instructor…this project is about a month long project and we show him our progress of our work… maybe I’m overthinking it…I should just get over it and start thinking on my final presentation

Just ask him to expand on his thoughts.

Cool could mean your done.

Cool could mean your on you way but keep going.

Cool could mean you just got on the right path and have a long way to go.

Remember YOU pay HIM! So in a way he works for YOU. While it is his responsability to teach you, as his employer it is your responsability to maxamize your employee, get the most out of him and if it really throws you off that much, let him know it is not acceptable to you to give you one word and walk away(in a nice way… since he does hold the grade book)

Yeah, we don’t have the context of your situation to know exactly what “cool” is supposed to mean. But I’m guilty of it myself, and I belive it’s a positive sign.

thanks for the replies yall