Question from soon to be graduate looking at DAAP's program

Hi Core board!
I am about to begin my senior year of Undergrad, and hopefully in 9 months I will be the proud owner of a shinny new Bachelor’s degree in the Social Sciences; but I am planning on pursuing an education in Industrial Design after I graduate. Originally I was only looking at Pratt’s Master’s Program because, well I think I was being a bit of a stuck up, big-headed fool and thought that it would somehow be too demoralizing, or beneath me for me to “restart” my college career and apply to any undergrad ID programs. I realize now how ABSOLUTELY ridiculous this thought was because a Bachelor’s in ID would be just as good as a Master’s from Pratt (possibly even much better depending on where I go) and 20 years from now it probably won’t mean diddly-squat whether I was 21 or 26 when I entered the work force, or whether I had a Bachelor’s or a Masters. But the quality of education and preparation I received during my time in college, THAT could still be a huge factor to my success 20 years from now.

I have come to the conclusion that all I really want and need is to get the most out of the education I receive in ID, wherever I end up going, because it really is a profession that I could see myself excelling in and I don’t want to short change my future by limiting myself to only Pratt’s Master’s program. Right now I think that the highest candidate on my list is for sure UC’s DAAP program. I am originally from the Cincinnati area and the past two summers that I returned home to visit I was able to visit DAAP Works and view the student work, and it was all very impressive. I love the intensity of the program and I really think it is the type of program that would push me in the right directions. On top of that I am really looking forward to the mandatory Co-op program, and I think that the amount of real world experience I will gain before entering the work force will be priceless.

My mini dilemma is that by the time I am done with my current undergrad education, I will have had a liberal education up the wazoo, and I doubt I will be able to stomach much more; and I know that a significant chunk of the DAAP program involves a liberal arts education. I tried to search the University of Cincinnati website to find out about their policy on granting credit for persons who already have Undergrad degrees and if I could seek credit, but I couldn’t find a definitive answer. I know that they will give you credit for courses if you are transferring from another institution midway through your undergrad career, but will they do the same if you already hold a degree? I’ll probably end up giving them a call this evening if I can’t find an answer or no one else here on the boards knows… I’m just a little eager to start planning this all out and thought some of you may know.

Can’t speak for anyone but most likely, some non-core requirements (history, english, electives etc…) will transfer.

This will allow you to take things like Marketing or Manufacturing in their stead.

Definitely call them to see. Call any other schools you’re interested in as well, as they’ll all have their own policies about such things.

As far as grad vs. undergrad, if you are still considering a graduate option, then I would really encourage you to try and make it to a Graduate Portfolio Day (info at like, or some similar address), or to visit a school with a good program and do a one-on-one portfolio review. That way you can get feedback and see which option would be more appropriate for your level of preparation.

I would contact them to make sure, but as far as the “university at large” UC is not that academically rigorous, and the gen ed requirements are pretty sparse. That being said, if you have an undergrad from another school, you will probably only need the core classes and one or two random classes a quarter to be full time maybe a few business classes too.

Go for it, its a good time (in that marathon of work sort of way).

edit: There is also a pretty solid group of unicyclers around campus if thats your thing haha. Seriously.

Hey everybody,
Thanks so much for the responses. I gave them a call the other day but wasn’t able to get through to anyone that could give me much of an answer, so I sent an email to the ID admissions contact and am still waiting on a reply.
I started looking for their gen-ed requirements, and like erastusboy mentioned it looks pretty tiny so I guess it wouldn’t be a huge problem for me to take a couple of silly little classes, if that ends up being the case. Plus I like no_spec’s advice of having the possibility to take more Marketing or Manufacturing type jobs.
I never thought I could be so excited to “do it all over again”
Thanks again for the help guys!

Hefty_unicycle, my daughter is a sophomore at DAAP. She took seveal AP courses in high school and took several liberal arts courses in college while she was in high school. She got EVERY course credit to transfer as part of her gen ed requirements. Moreover, Cincinnati doesn’t have as high of a Gen Ed requirement as you think. They only require a year of history, a year of art history, a year of english, one math, one literature and I think two other courses in social science. Thus, I think you should place out of much of this.

hey taxguy, kudos for keeping up with the boards.
we never see parents maintaining an interest after their kids start school.

I have a BA in philosophy and am restarting undergrad in ID at DAAP (today is my first day of class). Anyway everything transferred I am pretty much only taking design classes.

I applied in Sept of 06 and found out I was accepted in May of 07. During that time I found it hard to get a response from DAAP.

Since I already have a degree, I am no longer eligible for a lot of financial aid. I took out some really awful private student loans.

Thanks for the advice everyone, it really is invaluable to hear all your opinions.

I just submitted the main portion of my application for UC, it was surprisingly short, I’ll still have to forward my transcripts and that should be it. They don’t require non-first time college students to submit and personal statement, but I plan on sending one in anyway, (it’s only 250 words). I’m also hoping to build some sort of relationship with a faculty member just so I can have someone on the inside who I can bounce questions off of. I also hope to plan some sort of visit/informal one on one meeting with a faculty member for some time in October. I was extremely passive about my college selection the first time around, and as a result I’ve spent going onto 4 years at an institution that I’ve grown to resent, which is not a path I plan on repeating. It’s not that I’m desperate to get into DAAP… ok, maybe I am a little :slight_smile:, it’s just that for the first time in years I am actually hungry to learn, hungry to succeed, to fail, to experience, to grow… all that cliché mumbo jumbo that college is supposed to be about but I never experienced the first time around, so whatever helps to get me there, I’ll do it.

Guy, glad to hear you made it into the program. How are you liking it so far? I have a question about the time it took to find out if you were accepted: Why in the world would they make you wait that long?!?! Was it because you were not a first time college student and they figured you would be taking on loans either way, so the whole FAFSA deadline was irrelevant? Is this common for them to wait so long to notify people? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wait that long. Also, with everything transferring from your previous college experience, will you be working through the program faster, graduating earlier? Or will you fill the extra slots with other classes? Good luck either way.

Anyways, I’ll try to keep the board posted if anything of interest happens in case there’s anyone in the future who finds any of this useful.

Thanks again for the feedback!

I think I read somewhere on core77 that they accept the 1st time freshmen and then fill out the class with a few transfers. Half the transfers are from U Cincinnati and half are from the rest of the world.

Even if you don’t know if you are in, be sure to fill out your FAFSA thing by the deadline, I did get some decent government loans (like 10,000 worth).

I’m under the impression that it will take me the full 5 years because of the co-op schedule and philosophy classes don’t transfer as design techology classes. I pretty much have one free class open each quarter. I could either take other classes or get a job (which I’ll probably do, since I’m poor).

My classes are great, my fellow students are cool. It looks like DAAP will open up another campus in Singapore in a couple years.

Good luck.

What’s up guys,

I’m a senior here in ID and know a bunch of guys with BS’s in different social sciences. All those credits will transfer but it won’t matter much because you’re still going to have to do 4 years.

Some good news is you can apply for summer foundations and cram freshmen year into a summer. Which I think any of those guys would recomend. It’ll get you out a year earlier and save two quarters of tuition.

Guy, It sounds like you didn’t do that? Are you starting as a freshmen or sophomore?

The summer foundation thing was canceled last summer. I’m a freshmen.

Hey Matt, I was in the same boat as you. I went to a 4 year liberal arts college and hated it, I never finished my degree because of that reason. Now that I’m in ID I actually enjoy going to school…Transfering into the ID program was the best decision of my life. (so far). I just started my sophmore year(again). Credit wise I’m a pre-junior and I’ll be a senior by the end of the year, but still have 3 years left. Most of my credits transfered and were applied to the ID program with no problem. Doing the foundation classes over the summer is a good idea. I didn’t realize that they offered them like that. I would have done that last summer…If you don’t do that it will take the full 5 years to finish. But in my eyes its really only 3.5 years of school and 1.5 of work with the Co-Op. Anyway all the courses you take for foundations can be viewed here… if you haven’t seen them…
foundations PDF
I ended up filling my empty space with classes I would have to take in the 3rd, 4th and 5th years like social science and history. Whatever credits I was short on. you can view those class here.
The rest of the years classes
I applied I think around Dec-Jan 05-06 for the fall 06 quarter. I didn’t hear anything by april so I called and they told me over the phone that I was accepted. I got the letter in the mail at the end of April beginning of May.

Hey Guy who do you you have for color and drawing. Is April Mann still teaching the digital class?

If you guys have any questions let me know.