Question from an ID freshman!

Hey all upperclassmen,
Is it too early for a freshman to enter any design competitions? Does it sound like I am trying to run before I learn how to walk?


ID Freshman :smiley:

Nothing is stopping you from trying. You will learn something from the experience that may give you an edge when you go for the next one.

I know someone who just got an internship. She’s a 2nd semester freshman photo major. Granted its unpayed but it shows she’s tenacious.

Enter the competition!

Enter as many as you can, whenever you have time, or whenever you think its worth it.

There are about 15 competions going on right now- Jump in!

I’d suggest the Rolex Enterprise Award (really- big contest that asks you to think small).

Would you please kindly inform me the names of those competitions, and where I can get more information about them…?
Since I am only a first semester freshman in ID, I don’t get to touch 3D yet, so I think simple competitions would suit me better.

Thanks a lot!!

A.L. :bulb: