Question for Yo and others on Photoshop rendering....

I def think so, nice job. How do you feel about it?

I haven’t done a PS render since I left school. I gave it try using a combination of cg’s technique and Yo’s. I’d like some feedback though.

The design is a sketch from 3-4 years back that I happened to have scanned at a reasonable def.

I’d like some tips on the shadow. Mine looks a little flat.

Yo – I’m pretty pleased with it as well, and the suggestions from all round were quite helpful, especially the bits about doing general dodge & burn shading on the main layer and smaller highlights and shadows on seperate layers. Still haven’t played much with doing looser, faster renderings though, so I may give this a shot in the next couple of weeks.

914 – If I may ring in: the line work is beautiful! clean and precise and totally believable. I think the flatness may come from something as simple as the small range of contrast in shading. Try darkening the side faces a bit more, and broadening and softening the cast shadows. Nothings better for bringing depth to an image than a few small areas of dark shadow. Any other opinions out there?

hitch great job re rendering and infusing some of the advice.

If I where to take another refinemnt step, I would look at the proportions of the unit as a whole. I threw down a quick sketch, just to show another person’s take on the concept, I hope that is cool.

Ohana means family… that looks like a little Stitch radio. Nice work yo.

quick shot at Mr 914 my take on the render

damn, took it up a notch eh? nice work.

Don’t think I didn’t notice how you reflected the green in the chrome hardware. …nice!

nice work.


The refinement looks great, and yeah, it’s quite cool with me. This sort of back and forth is kind of fun. Very very busy at the moment, but will be putting up some sketches of my own in a couple of days.

MB: nice! Alot more dynamic than mine.

Yes, well, a bit more than a couple of days, but I did finally find a couple spare hours to a) sketch out some alternate forms for the Tripod and b) test my hand at some faster, looser PS renderings.

Here’s a selection – chose three variations to render, 5 minute sketches + 15-20 minutes in PS each. Liked the third one the most (sorry Yo, I’m really stuck on those ellipsoidal feet), so I worked out a little more detail on that one.

It’s sort of embarrasingly clunky looking though, as I’m still trying to figure out how to work “loose” without working “ugly.” Any suggestions?

Hitch- Great work. a certain improvement from the first sketch. I think you need to tighten the lines a bit. It is looking a bit sketchy and that sense of volumeis still not coming. Look at the edges of the profile. There needs to be very small fillet or edge or some else which identifies it to be a 3d object rather than a magazine cutting. Check the demo sketch of Yo. There is a sense of volume coming through the edges. Remember, there are no shapr corners in nature

Yo- I saw your demo page. Thanks from everybody on the forum. Thanks for the info about dodge, burn and multiply. I never discovered their powers. I shall experiment on them now and try to use them more. Thanks for the same.

reactor- no problem man

hitch- good step man, you are loosing up and that is good to see.

Right now it looks a bit like individual parts (cd door, speakers, knobs) placed on a form, instead of like a holistic design. Maybe try sketching it more as an overal form and then breaking up the individual parts.

Keep working it, you’ll get it there.

Here is a package I rendered in photoshop. My technique was a little different for this because of the graphic element that was already done. Still fun stuff!

Sorry for the dead image above… I just realized that the rendering of the product I included above is not on the market yet… even though there are pictures on the sell sheet… I am not sure about having that image online. Sorry!